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Healthcare Sustainable Cost Trend

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Investment opportunities in sustainable healthcare

Healthcare cost is spiraling and payers (governments, insurance companies and patients) around the world are increasingly struggling to pay for innovative therapies. As a result, payers are restricting access to innovative treatments, putting patients at risk of no longer obtaining the most appropriate care. Unless companies incorporate strategic access considerations early on in drug development, they jeopardize their future revenues.

A shift from a mainly clinical focused drug development to a clinical and health economics focused development of therapeutics is key to sustainable healthcare. This shift provides for a unique investment opportunity.

VIOPAS Partners is an asset manager specialized in investments in public and private companies focused on sustainable healthcare. Our managing partners combine the necessary complementary skills, expertise and track record to service investors and entrepreneurs to successfully navigate this dynamic environment. We support our clients in identifying, assessing and managing healthcare investment opportunities in public and private companies. We work closely with entrepreneurs and private companies to help achieve their goal of addressing an unmet medical need in an economically sustainable way.