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Listed Equities

Sustainable healthcare investment through an actively managed portfolio of listed biotech, medtech and digital health companies. The selected healthcare companies are to benefit from the macroeconomic trend of sustainable healthcare.

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Private Equities

Investment vehicle enabling investments in a concentrated basket of privately held healthcare companies. The mainly DACH-based, thematically grouped companies develop sustainable healthcare products. The companies complementing each other are centered around a common theme.

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We tailor our offerings to address specific client needs for investments in listed and/or private healthcare equities.



Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable healthcare is improving the quality of patient care while keeping healthcare cost under control.

The shift towards sustainable healthcare has set expectations for all stakeholders, resulting in new trends and opportunities. Payers increasingly focus on rewarding value, improving quality of care without increasing total system costs. Patients expect novel therapies to improve patient-relevant outcomes in addition to better clinical outcomes. Physicians seek earlier and better diagnosis of patients to enable appropriate treatment with better outcomes. Hospitals look to improve care and reduce cost across the entire care pathway. Governments increasingly emphasize the importance of prevention, particularly as it relates to costly chronic diseases.

This focus on optimizing healthcare in a patient centric way challenges existing healthcare business models. Our investment hypothesis is that biotech, diagnostic and e-health companies able to offer solutions to patients, physicians and payers to achieve their goals, will emerge as winners. We believe sustainable healthcare matters to patients but also to investors and will ultimately benefit society at large as highlighted by the UN Sustainability Development Goal 3 on good health and well-being.



About us

Investing in healthcare and biotech requires specialist investment knowledge and expertise to build and manage portfolios. During our over 50 years combined investment, scientific and operational expertise in banking, venture capital, biotech, medtech and pharma, we have proven to consistently deliver to our stakeholders. VIOPAS Partners AG is a specialized asset manager for listed and private healthcare investments with a clear focus on the macroeconomic trend of sustainable healthcare.

VIOPAS Partners AG is a member of Aquila, a FINMA regulated entity.


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